"When I call a guy up after two weeks and ask him how his boards feeling and he screams down the phone :
It's that stoke that feeds me, it's that feedback that gets me amped to create the next magic stick..."

- Rodd Davey

Highest quality highest performance surfboards...

Ever since he can remember Rodd Davey has been involved in one way or another with surfing and the ocean...from the judging of surf contests to working in the surf industry...from coaching provincial teams to coordinating surfing events...and of course…riding the oceans waves.

At fourteen years old he got himself an old abandoned blank from the junk pile at Safari and took it home (thanks Hynsie)...with no idea on how its done. Some flexi curves and sand paper and a 6’4 rounded pin was created...it didn’t go but it was then that the bug bit...

“all through high school we (the mirrors crew) would spend our spare time dreaming of boards and waves... hours and hours at Adams house building boards, fixing our dings and experimenting with different shapes and ideas...” - Rodd Davey

After having studied fine art (sculpture and painting) and having been heavily involved in the underground graffiti scene in London, Rodd took up a position as sprayer at Graham Smiths Geeforce factory in Durban...

From spraying to dings to managing the factory to glassing and finally to shaping...as the years went by Rodd built up his skills as a surfboard builder and today is making some of the best boards in the water...

“I feel it’s really important to be proficient in every facet of board building, magic boards are not just shapes...the glassing and sanding are just as important to the final creation...”

The passion that Rodd has for creating the highest performance, highest quality surfboards is matched by only a few in the industry...it’s this passion that has more and more surfers turning to Davey Surfboards for their next board...

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14 Silver Street, Brackenfell, 7560, Cape Town